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Aneka Macam Gerigi dan Rantai Gigi pada sistem mekanis robot

We displays sprocket Type B, if you need others type please contact us based on picture above.

Standard Sprocket Size & Chain (ANSI #25) :

*1 inch = 25.4mm

ANSI #25 Chain – 1/4″ Pitch
# of TeethOD (A)Wd. (B)Hub Dia.(C)Item No.
9.84″1/2″7/16″by request
111″1/2″9/16″by request
121.08″1/2″5/8″by request
131/17″1/2″23/32″by request
141 1/14″1/2″13/16″Steel (by request)
KR18049 (Plastic)
151.33″1/2″57/64″by request
161.41″1/2″31/32″Steel (by request)
KR18050 (Plastic)
171.49″1/2″1 1/32″by request
181.57″1/2″1 1/8″by request
191.65″1/2″1 7/32″by request
201.73″5/8″1 9/32″KR18200
211.81″5/8″1 3/8″by request
221.89″5/8″1 7/16″by request
231.97″5/8″1 1/2″by request
242.05″5/8″1 1/2″by request
252.13″5/8″1 1/2″Steel (by request)
KR18051 (Plastic)
262.21″5/8″1 1/2″by request
282.37″5/8″1 1/2″by request
302.535/8″1 1/2″by request
322.695/8″1 1/2″by request
373.09″3/4″1 1/2″KR18199
403.33″3/4″2″by request
453.73″3/4″2″by request
483.96″3/4″2″by request
544.44″3/4″2″by request
604.92″3/4″2″by request
665.398″3/4″1 1/4″KR18264
705.72″3/4″2″by request
725.88″3/4″2″by request
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