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Cara Menggunakan Arduino dengan cara Visual Programming

How to Programming Arduino?

How to programming Arduino? Bagaimana memprogram Arduino? yaitu dengan cara menggunakan software terbaru yang dapat didownload di website (download disini), atau menggunakan visual programming Ardublock (download disini).

1. Programming using Text Programming Language, you can do yourself how to programming using Arduino Open Source software, use Examples that comes with Arduino Software is very usefull for you startup using Arduino.

2. To setup visual programming with your existing Arduino software, just copy Ardublock file (.jar) into your Arduino folder root.
Examples you put Arduino software in Windows : C:/Documents/Arduino/tools/ArduBlockTool/tool/ardublock-all-20130712.jar

Note : Please pay attention for Capital Character folder name, and folder roots. Bold text folder is needed to create by yourself.

Then open your arduino software again, you will seee your Arduino Software have additional Tools now (if your installation is right), like this :

Then after you click, you will showed new windows for Ardublock :

Ardublock integrated with Arduino IDE
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