1. WASHTUB CLEANER, Pembersih mesin cuci baju 3 sachet

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* one pack will disinfect and deodorize the inside of washtubs* oxygen based bleaching agent completely stains, such as water stains, soap scum, and moldThe instructions were easy to follow:1. Set the water level and pour water into a washtub. It is effective to use it at temperatur at around 30 c to 40 c2. Add one pack of this product and operate the washing machine for about three minutes to dissolve the cleaner. For a washing machine of more than 15.4lb in capacity, use two packs3. Let stand for about two or three hours after operation. Do not let stand for more 24 hours4. Rinse the tub completely after standard operation (washing and rinsing)Bukan brand Ikea ya

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