16 Channel USB Parallax Servo Controller (Made in USA)


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16 Channel USB Parallax Servo Controller_x000d__x000d_The Propeller Servo Controller allows you to control up to 16 servos (32 using two Propeller Servo Controllers) by sending serial commands from a microcontroller or PC via its USB connection. The Propeller Servo Controller USB is Propeller-based and open-source. This means you can modify the existing code or develop your own code to make the Propeller Servo Controller do more and control more._x000d__x000d_The Propeller Servo Controller USB is fully compatible with our previous servo controllers and will run with the beta PSCI software application. In addition the hardware and software were set up to take advantage of additional features that you can implement in custom software. Additional features that can be taken advantage of with custom software are an additional 32K EEPROM included for storing of custom settings and/or sequence data, CMOS switch capable of controlling downstream serial communication and a software controlled LED._x000d__x000d_Outputs are set at 5V. The Propeller Servo Controller USB contains a superset of the original servo controller commands. Any output can be disabled on startup or set to a custom startup position. Outputs can also be disabled and enabled at any time. The Propeller Servo Controller USB can be powered from a PC USB port or by the host microcontroller._x000d__x000d_Keterangan lebih lanjut :_x000d_http://klinikrobot.com/product/servo-driver/propeller-servo-controller-usb.html

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