4mm BRASS HEX COUPLING for 38mm Omni Wheel KR17131


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* p* Dimensions :Inner Diameter (ID): 4mmHex Head Width: 8mmHeight: 18mmScrew: M5 x 20mm * p* * span style=”font-family: “* 4MM Couplings (Universal hubs) #KR17135 * span style=”font-family: “* The universal copper pillar mount coupling allows you to mount the robot wheels and mechanisms to the motor shaft. The coupling is sold separately and each hub includes a set screw for fixing the motor shaft to the hub. To use a common hub, all this requires tightening screws,some small bolts, hex wrenches. * p* * span style=”font-family: “* * span* * span style=”font-family: “* These high quality copper couplings connect hubs and wheels to its working principle as well as all of our robotic wheels and motors. It is equipped with a stainless steel hexagon socket set screw to mount the hub motor shaft, all round wheels and mecanum wheels. However, this does not include allen wrenches and small bolts. We design, manufacture and sell the universal copper coupling. * span style=”font-family: “* * img src=”images/stories/4mm couplings universal hubs kr17135 a.jpg” width=”300″ height=”300″ /* * img src=”images/stories/4mm couplings universal hubs kr17135 b.jpg” width=”300″ height=”300″ /* * p*

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