603.072.24 KLADDIG Bib, multicolour Celemek Piyama Bayi L

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Product dimensions_x000d_Length: 37 cm_x000d_Width: 34 cm_x000d__x000d__x000d_Key features_x000d_- A soft bib that your child can wear comfortably for many years, thanks to the adjustable neck, practical hook-and-loop fastening and long sleeves with elastic._x000d_- The front pocket catches all spills and is easy to clean, either with a quick rinse or by washing it in the machine._x000d_- Just as handy for meals as for playing or painting._x000d_Designer:_x000d_Lisel Garsveden_x000d_Package measurement and weight_x000d_Article Number: 603.072.24_x000d_Package:: 1_x000d_Width: 23 cm_x000d_Height: 1 cm_x000d_Length: 30 cm_x000d_Weight: 0.05 kg_x000d_Good to know_x000d_Recommended for ages 0-18 months._x000d_Care instructions_x000d_Machine wash, max 40°C, normal process._x000d_Do not bleach._x000d_Do not tumble dry._x000d_Do not iron._x000d_Do not dryclean._x000d_product description & measurements_x000d_Front side: 100% polyester_x000d_Backside: Synthetic rubber

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 5 × 1 cm


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