Motor Bracket for 42D (KR13042)


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* p* * img src=” bracket for 42d kr13042 drawing details.jpg” alt=”Motor Bracket size 42″ title=”Motor Bracket size 42″ /* * ul* This bracket suitable for DC Power Heavy Duty Gearmotor (Item No. KR13042) or other dc gearmotor that match with the mounting holes. Motor mounted using M3 x 10 bolts (7 pcs) Motor bracket mounted using M4 x 15 bolts & nuts (4 pcs) Material : Alumunium Thickness : 3mm Features : double position avaiable for motor mounting (top and down), please see picture below : * /ul* * p* * i* TOP Position for shaft :* /i* * p* * img src=” bracket for 42d kr13042 top positions.jpg” alt=”Motor Bracket 42 size TOP” title=”Motor Bracket 42 size TOP” /* * p* * p* * i* BOTTOM Position for shaft :* /i* * p* * i* * img src=” bracket for 42d kr13042 down positions.jpg” alt=”Motor Bracket 42 DOWN” title=”Motor Bracket 42 DOWN” height=”454″ width=”467″ /* * /i*

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