Promo IKEA Lampu Taman Solar Cell Solvinden

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Assembled sizeDiameter: 18 ” (45 cm)Total height: 32 ” (80 cm)Package measurement and weightArticle Number:703.405.721 packageWidth: 17 ” (45 cm)Height: 1 ” (3 cm)Length: 18 ” (46 cm)Weight: 1 lb 3 oz (0.55 kg)Key featuresHelps you save energy and reduce your environmental impact because it is powered by a solar panel that converts sunlight into electricity.Solar cells transform sunlight into energy – requires no electrical connections.Easy to use because no cords or plugs are needed.Good to knowPosition the solar panel for maximum exposure to sunlight.Recharging time is 9-12 hours in sunlight, but over 12 hours on a cloudy day.When the battery is fully charged, the product will give full light for approx. 12 hours.The battery should be replaced only with a rechargeable battery of the same type and capacity.IKEA recommends LADDA rechargeable batteries.Approved for use as outdoor lighting, IP 44.On-off switch.Built-in LED light source.LED life approx. 20,000 hours.Care instructionsClean with a dust cloth or vacuum lightly using the soft brush attachment.Product descriptionShade: 100 % polyesterSupport bracket: Steel, Powder coatingBattery box: ABS plastic

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