Radio Frequency RF KYL-200U/KYL-1020U Data Transmission 1Km KR06


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1. IntroductionShort-range, low-power, half-duplex, transparent wireless transmission modules integrate TI CC1020 chip and Atmel MCU, with small layout dimension, less peripheral circuit, high reliability and low BER (Bit Error Rate), and can meet any standard or non-standard user protocol.*Transmission distance: (i) 600m (BER = 10-5 @9600bps standard 10cm antenna, open, antenna height 1.5m);(ii) 1000m (BER = 10-5 @1200bps, standard 10cm antenna open, the antenna height 1.5m);2. Specification* Power output: DC 5V (3V-5.5V can work properly, other operating voltage required when ordering instructions); Low power consumption and sleep function;* RF power: >10mW (customized 10~100mW); Output power: * 10mw;* RF Effective Rate: 1200/ 2400/ 4800/ 9600/ 19200bps * Interface baud rate: 1200/ 2400/ 4800/ 9600/ 19200bps* Carrier Frequency Band: 433 MHz, 450MHz, 470MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz or others ISM frequency* Interface: standard RS-232/ RS-485/ TTL* Communication Mode: Half-duplex; The transceiver operates in half-duplex mode;* Offering a transparent data interface, it is suitable for any standard or non-standard user protocols* Channel: 8 (Default), 16/ 32 (customized); 8 communication channels, but also can be extended according to requirements;* Size: 47mm*26mm*10mm (without antenna port).* Variety of optional communication interfaces : RS-232, TTL, RS-485;* Data format: 8N1/8E1/8O1 (also available in other formats, such as the nine data bits);* Square wave transmission function to facilitate non-standard coding customers;* Operating Temperature: -20C ~ +65C (commercial grade);* Antenna Impedance: 50 * (standard for SMA, can be customized);* In line with EN 300220 and ARIB STD-T67 standard. * Dimensions: 47mm x 26mm x 10mm (not including antenna connector).Detail :

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